The nations where we are working:

About Nigeria

nigr-LMAP-mdNigeria is the most densely populated country in Africa with approximately 170 million inhabitants. There are well over 250 people groups and their religious backgrounds is about 50/50 Muslim Christian where animism is still practiced a lot in the rural areas. 46% of the population cannot read and write and the average life expectancy is 52 years. 58% has access to clean drinking water and it is therefore not surprising that Food or Waterborne diseases are number four in the top 4 causes of Death in the nation 1 is HIV/Aids, 2 is lower respiratory disease and 3 is Malaria. Source: Wikipidea and WHO

About Cameroon

cameroon-LMAP-mdCameroon is Jackson’s home country. It neighbors Nigeria and has 19.6 million inhabitants with an average life expectancy of 54 years. There are well over 250 people groups and the religions are predominantly Christian (40%) and Animistic (40%) where the Northern states are Muslim (20%). The illiteracy rate is 25% and 70% has access to clean drinking water. Besides HIV/AIDS and Malaria Food or Waterborne diseases as well as lower respiratory infections are the top 4 causes of death in the nation. Source: Wikipedia and WHO