Our vision: Transformed Lives, Transformed Nations.

To bring transformation to the nations of Africa by Ending Bible Poverty Now in Africa; Bible translation, distribution and application through Christian Education via  multiplying the University of the Nations resulting in transformed lives, transformed nations.

True transformation and Discipleship of a Nation happens via the Word of God. When the Word is applied to every aspect of society a nation comes into alignment with Gods’ design and intention for that nation. In Africa there is a huge potential for growth and development we are wanting to start with the Word of God. Getting the Bible out to every home, in every language and teaching people how to read the Bible and understand how it applies to their daily lives is the basis.

Developing training programs about what the Bible has to say about Government, Economics, Health Care, Education, Media, Communication and so on is just a start of what YWAM’s University of the Nations campuses try to do. We want to be able to offer these practical trainings to the whole of Africa.

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