Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Legacy, Ultimatum- Don’t you just love a good movie that keeps on coming up with a newer and better one?

Well, though watching the Bourne series is fun, it is no comparison to the adventure we are on with African Bible Safari.

and things just got even better…

It would have been exciting enough to write about how the Tabernacle church in Texas is sending 4 leaders to Cameroon for 2 weeks to run seminars and trainings for the church leaders as we speak.
It would have been exciting enough to write about how Jackson’s ticket money went from 0 to fully funded in 24 hours.

But we have even more exciting news….
At the end of June our YWAM Kona Family DTS will be sending an OUTREACH TEAM TO CAMEROON! 12 adults and 22 children will be coming to serve and partner with what is happening! We couldn’t be more thrilled! This  increase of manpower means the African Bible Safari will take a tremendous step forward  this summer and the Texas team in Cameroon with Jackson right now will be able to help prepare the ground for this!


With all these elements coming together we have felt that it’s time for us to go on a family mission trip. We would like to actively involve our entire family in this journey of Ending Bible Poverty Now and Word by Heart. It would also be really important to receive this team coming to Cameroon and help launch the Mega DTS in Cameroon in July as well. Jackson will be leading out with the vision, Anneke will be serving alongside him with all the practical details that are needed.
Prior to this we have several opportunities to run Word by Heart Seminars and presentations in Asia and Europe. 

Specifically our family mission trip would look like this: 
– One Thing Conference in Philippines- WBH presentations & Seminar that Jackson & Anneke will do together.
– Possible stop in South Korea for WBH seminars.
– WBH School in Nepal- Jackson will help start this up and teach the first week
– WBH in the Netherlands- Anneke has learnt the Gospel of Luke in Dutch and would like to persent this in her country.
– WBH in Germany- They are celebrating 500 years of Maarten Luther in the ReformNation event. We will got here as a family to present Word by Heart.
– Cameroon- Prepare the Family DTS outreach team and help them transition into Cameroon.
–> Back to Kona!
It’s looking like a 3 month trip with our family departure scheduled for May 16th!
All in all we would need 20 flight tickets and our total budget is estimated at $25,000

Jackson and Anneke will be presenting a live word by heart piece to help fundraiser for their upcoming family trip to Cameron. Come and join us!! We are live. If you are interested in contributing, you send your donations via to

Posted by Anneke Ndecheck-Klugkist on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Because of this we did a Fundraiser Event here at YWAM Kona where Jackson gave several Word by Heart Presentations (and Anneke did a short one in Dutch) and we offered desserts by donation. And people gave so generously. The next day at church the pastor also gave church members the opportunity to give. All in all we have already now received $6,372.45 towards this trip!! We are so grateful to everyone who gave. Because of this generosity we were able to buy Jackson’s ticket right away and he got to fly to Cameroon with the Texas time as he had prayed for.

This means $18,627.55 is still needed, $3,000 of that amount is needed in the next 10 days as it is what is left to purchase our Philippine tickets.

Do you want to partner with us as we press in to God’s Word for our family Mission Trip?
If you click on the link you will be taken to the site where you can give with tax-deduction.

We can also really use some serious prayer covering as this is quite the journey for a family with 3 young children. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayers and finances!
We so appreciate you!

Jackson & Anneke, Hope, REJoyce and Kyndness