In 2016 we launched the African Bible Safari in Cameroon


The African Bible Safari is the ministry name for “Ending Bible Poverty Now” in Africa. We focus on 3 things:
1) Evangelism- (Mark 16:15)- this is the one theme that unites the Body of Christ in Africa. We initiate inter-denominational conferences for church leaders around this theme and we partner with the Jesus Film in showing the Gospel to unreached people groups.
2) Oral Bible Recordings- There are hundreds of languages in Africa that don’t have a Bible in their mother tongue. about 100 of them are in Cameroon (Jackson’s home country). We train locals how to do audio recording and find a translator in a village that will be able to translate the gospel orally. That oral translation is then recorded on an SD card or USB and spread around the village.
3) Discipleship- there are 7 spheres of influence that will transform a nation. We can give people a Bible and preach the Gospel, but they still need to be discipled (Matthew 28:18-20). The nation as well as the individual need to be discipled. We need the Bible to be at the root of all of these spheres of influence. When Christians rise up in the spheres where they have been called we can truly see a nation transformed. In Africa there is an understanding that if you are a good Christian you quit whatever job you have and become a pastor. So they are losing Christians in the market place. During the pastor conferences in Cameroon we have therefore spent quite a bit of time on the 7 spheres of influence.

The results so far:

Doors have opened in Cameroon where:
1) Evangelism & 3) Discipleship:
4 Pastor Conferences were held in Cameroon in 2016.
About 100 pastors went through this training and took Jesus Film projectors to do village outreaches
2) Verbal Bible Recordings:
3 Tribes now have an Verbal Gospel recording in their mother tongue: “Eton”, “Basso” and “Barombi”

At the end of 2016 the Lord opened the door to the umbrella of all Protestant Churches in Cameroon called CEPCA when their Secretary General invited Jackson and the YWAM Cameroon leaders and stated they wanted to partner with African Bible Safari. This man has 9 million believers that are a member of this organization! What an opportunity.

In 2017 meetings are ongoing to work out the best strategy to equip their church members where there will be a Mega DTS in July which will be a collaboration of all the YWAM bases in Cameroon, partnering together to End Bible Poverty Now in Cameroon.