Do you have a Heart for Africa? or Have you been praying to see Africa Transform into God’s Original Intention? Do you want to be a part of those who train Africans and see them take on their Nations for Jesus. Then be a part of Africa’s Greatest Visitation. Let’s take the Book that Transforms Nations to the Beautiful Continent of Africa.

Through this practical hands on process, the close to 800 languages that have NO Bible engagement of any kind in Africa, will have the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus. And by so doing, we will see the fulfillment of John 8:32 …and Africa will know the Truth and the Truth will set her free.

Would you answer this Macedonian Call to the beautiful land of Africa and join the team? This leadership seminar will give you an opportunity to be involved in the greatest move of God in the Continent of Africa.

6 Weeks of Practical Lecture Training in Kona
followed by a 6 Weeks Outreach to Africa and Kona

During the first 6 weeks in Kona, Hawaii, leaders will be trained in simple skills that will enable them to train others on the ground in Africa.

Some of the skills will include:

• Audio Bible recording

• Building a simple recording studio with available materials

• Simple Bible survey for Pastoral Training

• Family Bible training for parents including “family game time”

• How to teach the Bible in an African context

• Mass Evangelism using the Jesus Film

• Using solar power projectors

• Uniscript technique and more.

The focus of the outreach is to be part of the teams that train the trainers in these countries. The Seminar also give participants the opportunity to partner with the project as a degree track with the University of the Nations, while helping to disciple the nations.

We invite you to join the African Bible Safari

You will be training the next generation of Africa’s influential leaders, and that with the Word of God

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