It was such a beautiful journey…

Spending the past three months in the Gospel of Luke has been nothing but a privilege. How can it be frustrating to have the Bible as your homework? It is so life giving. Every week the Lord showed me new perspectives on stories that were so familiar and yet the richness of what is all in there.

My favorite story was the Prodigal Son. Everyone knows how the first son who runs off and squanders the Father’s money. But the older son is just as “lost”. He is living like a slave in his Father’s house and doesn’t know his true identity as a son. He heavily insults the Father, and the comparison he makes, the injustice he feels are some things that really resonated with my own personal struggles and journey with Christ. What amazed and touched me most in this story as I was learning it by heart was the Father’s response to these two sons.

He keeps loving them.

Despite everything they have done to him, he is ready to welcome them home with open arms. What a beautiful picture of our Lord God and His love for us.

Wednesday March 22nd I did my first full presentation of the Gospel of Luke for a live audience. This is what is called the First Public Rehearsal (When you say “final presentation” it sort of implies you won’t do it again but the point of Word by Heart is that you now have to practice what you have learnt, hence the Public Rehearsal) All in all it took a little over an hour and I had so much fun doing it!

There were 2 people in the audience that were Dutch and others that could understand the language, in total about 20 people came and many others were joining the Facebook-live stream that we did so that those in the Netherlands could follow along. It is now still available on Facebook if you want to see the full thing.  Here you will see a 1 minute video taken from the presentation: