Jackson is presently on a 2,5 week trip to South Korea where the purpose of his trip was to promote Word by Heart through seminars. However unexpectedly he was invited to preach in 3 different churches. Here he is preaching at Oryun church at their ¬†Friday evening service which “only” draws 3,000 people (on Sunday it’s about 10,000). You can listen to the whole sermon via video.
I also find it quite entertaining to see the translator do her best to keep up with his energetic motions and expressions.

Word by Heart in South Korea

Jackson has started teaching the second Word by Heart seminar where the participants will learn the technique in 4 hour sessions using a short Bible story of about 10 verses. The first series of seminars he taught at a Christian primary school to teachers who want to see how they can use this with their students.
Now he will be at a YWAM base where the training is also received with great enthusiasm.

Personally I will finish the Gospel of Luke in Dutch in 3 weeks time! So exciting!

Thank you so much for your monthly support and prayers.

Jackson & Anneke,  Hope, REJoyce en Kyndness