The homefront committee is a team of family,friends and supporters of Jackson & Anneke in the Netherlands who help them with their planning and communication with supporters and friends within the Netherlands. You can contact them for information and questions via:



SanneMy name is Sanne van Nieuwenhuizen. I am the chairwoman of the homefront committee. I keep an eye on all the things that are going on at one time and keep in contact with Anneke and Jackson with regard to the businesslike aspects of their mission.


JonMy name is Jon Klugkist. I’m Anneke’s younger brother. In 2011 I completed a Discipleship Training School school with YWAM so I know a lot about the organization Anneke and Jackson are serving with. I started working as a trainee at Nationale Nederlanden since September 2011. My wife and I got married in May 2014 and in 2016 we became the proud parents of a beautiful daughter. I’m the main point of contact via the thuisfront email address.


DianeMy name is Diane Kalkman and I work as a nurse on the Intensive Care department. I met Anneke in 2007 during a conference at Pentecost. She asked me to be part of one of the home fellowship groups of the church and since that time we have become friends. I have come to know her and Jackson as two passionate people with a clear vision for the future and with the desire to put their lives in God’s service. I will be helping with communication and various projects.


JelleMy name is Jelle Struik and I am married to Diane. I work as a general practitioner. I have known Anneke since I met her in 1996 at our church. A few years ago we started a small home fellowship group within our church. I have seen the beginning of the relationship between Anneke and Jackson and how their plans for their mission evolved. I think it is great that Anneke and Jackson want to devote themselves to others. I want to be part of that as well by helping them in the committee.


BasLet me introduce myself: Bas Gravendeel, the oldest of the committee. I work as a consultant in electrical engineering and magnetism and as a coach. I have known Anneke since she was born. My wife and I have been friends with her parents for a long time. I have known Jackson only since Anneke introduced him to me. A great couple. Within the committee I am counselor of Anneke and Jackson. I will develop plans to aid them with their mission and will use my contacts to aid them as well.