Ending Bible Poverty Now in Cameroon

That is what this trip was all about. In the picture above you see the Secretary General with the EBPN brochure. Jackson just returned with an incredible testimony of how God arranged the timing of this trip in just such a perfect way.
First there were meetings with the YWAM Cameroon National Leadership team where they prayed and strategized on the best approach for Ending Bible Poverty Now in Cameroon, then they were given an audience with this Secretary General (over all the Protestant Churches in Cameroon) whom they had met last November. The man was excited to hear about the plans but then said

“How I wish you were here in May because that is when we have our Annual┬áNational Assembly and I would have given you an opportunity to share”

Then Jackson responded “Well, actually I am planning to be back in Cameroon as there is a church from Texas who we are partnering with and we have been planning a trip in May for months now. The man was thrilled and he has given Jackson and official invitation to speak at their National Assembly for 90 minutes about Ending Bible Poverty Now in Cameroon where the main thrust will be adopting the 90 Bible-less languages in Cameroon!!


The proposal the YWAM Cameroon National Leadership Team presented to this man was to launch a Mega-DTS this summer which would be a partnership of the 3 YWAM bases in Cameroon: Yaounde, Douala and Kribi collaborating their efforts and being able to train a larger group of people who would be sent by the churches who are a part of this umbrella. This would give us the manpower to actually do the work in their own nation- Cameroonians for Cameroon. The Mega DTS would end with a Bible Distribution campaign at Christmas into these 3 cities.
(Ending Bible Poverty Now focuses on Bible Translation, Bible Distribution and Bible Engagement. As people cannot be discipled without the Word of God so they need to have access to it in their hear language).

It was so encouraging for me to hear that his trip, though short was so necessary. Without this meeting he would not have gotten the open doors to the National Assembly next month and now they can announce the DTS as well at that event.

Thank you all for praying and supporting this trip with your finances. We are so grateful for you!