Why are you in Hawaii when you want to work in Africa?

We came here for training in 2010. We were living each year like we would be moving to Africa. However the Lord kept stopping us. In 2014 He spoke to us and said “Make Kona your home.” This didn’t make sense to us at all, but when the End Bible Poverty Now project was launched we saw how we can serve multiple nations in Africa by being in Kona, rather than by being effective in one specific place.

Have you been to Africa yet?

Yes. Jackson worked as a missionary with YWAM Nigeria. Anneke has been to Togo for three months in 2007. They both lived in Cameroon and Nigeria from March 2009 on and worked at YWAM. Since then they have taken many short term teams and spent quite a bit of time with their family in Cameroon as well. Never longer than 6 weeks at a time though.

What were the events leading up to your mission?

In January 2009 we were married in a church in Cameroon. For three months we lived there. We wanted to begin our first year of marriage calmly by working in Cameroon and saving money. God spoke to us so clearly after these three months though and said that we should go to Nigeria. We began our training there at YWAM and a vision of the future became clear.

Do you receive salary?

No, we believe we have a Levitical calling. The Levites were not supposed to work, so they could use their time to work in the temple. The other tribes brought their tithes to the temple and in doing so funded the Levites. in YWAM everyone is responsible to raise their own support. Nobody in YWAM receives salary.

What is YWAM?

See: About YWAM

What is University of the Nations?

See: About University of the Nations

What is SBS?

School of Biblical Studies = inductive bibletraining during 9 months.

When were you married?

Our weddingdate is on the 23rd of December 2008. This was the official wedding which took place in the city hall. We celebrate the wedding that took place in church though: on January 3rd 2009.

What is the time difference between Hawaii and the Netherlands?

It’s twelve hours later in the Netherlands.

How can I make a donation?

Through the Donate link (click)

Are these donations deductable from taxes?

Yes, they are.