Last month Jackson returned from his 40 day trip to Cameroon, and I promised you I would write an update once we had talked about everything.

Well, first Jackson flew to Togo where he met up with YWAM leaders from Cameroon that were attending the DNA leadership infusion along with David Hamilton who was going to go with Jackson to Cameroon to speak at the African Bible Safari Conferences.
The first two weeks of African Bible Safari Conferences in Cameroon were focused on church leaders and mission workers. YWAM Cameroon did an amazing job in connecting with different denominations and expanding the network.
The teachings were centered around the 7 spheres of influence and the need to End Bible Poverty Now in Cameroon and Africa. David Hamilton was the main speaker sharing about how we as Christians need to influence each of these 7 spheres. He also presented the SourceView and SphereView ways of reading the Bible which he had created. There is actuallly a FREE app you can download that David and his team created (see bottom of email for more info).

During several other meetings Jackson had he met with the Cameroon Bible Alliance as well as Captal (Cameroon Wycliffe) to talk about the need for oral bible recording in the 90+ Bibleless languages in Cameroon…

The second round of conferences we received a team from Campus Crusade in the US who have a ministry called “Faith and Law Across the Globe”. They worked with Campus Crusade and YWAM in Cameroon together with the churches to do 3 trainings for lawyers, justices and other Christians involved in legal professions. There were about 20-30 people at each of the first two conferences who are actively working in these professions.


Towards the end of the conference there was a meeting that was set up between all the heads of churches. Pastor Pondi was very instrumental in meeting with all the heads of churches and heads of mission organizations in Cameroon and on the last day of meeting the Secretary General over ALL the Protestant Churches in Cameroon (called CEPCA) was present in that meeting. He works directly under the Presidency and has 9 million believers who are part of this.
He took Jackson and the leader of YWAM Yaounde and the Church Representative to his office and as they were sharing about African Bible Safari he said “Yes, we want this, we are on board with this.” He immediately took them on a tour of his office where they ended up at their radio station where right there and then Jackson and the YWAM Yaounde leader were put on a chair to be interviewed and share LIVE about African Bible Safari on the Cameroon Radio!!
After this meeting he went straight to the airport to catch his flight, that is how last minute it was. They talked about having follow up meetings with YWAM Cameroon, heads of churches, and other prominent leaders in March 2017 which will be the next time Jackson will travel there as the African Bible Safari Continues.

Below you will see some photos of these divine connections that were made.
We are just amazed at what the Lord has done, is doing and will continue to do through African Bible Safari.

Breakthrough Part 2..

Meeting the Secretary General was the ultimate highlight of a 6 week trip but the build up started long before then. As you may recall Jackson extended his 3 week trip with 3 more weeks and you may be wondering why?

In the above photo you see the reason why Jackson stayed in Cameroon. This photo was taken during the second series of conference when the delegation from Campus Crusade Legal called “Faith & Law Across the Globe” came to Cameroon. Bob (front row sitting second from right) was with us in Kona in August where he was a participant in the African Bible Safari Conference. There he shared with Jackson and the members the vision for FLAG and the plan was made to come to Cameroon in November.
He brought Gaye (front row sitting on left) who was a Christian practicing Attorney who shared with such passion she inspired many of the lawyers who attended (many of which were women).
Both Bob and Gaye share about how to stand strong in a Sphere of Society where the worship of self, power and money and corruption are prevalent.

In Cameroon the belief system is “you cannot be a real Christian and a lawyer at the same time”. So you can imagine this conference struck so many chords with the select few Christians who are in these professions in Cameroon. The conference focused on practical tools to live out your faith in the workplace. It was the first time we were able to offer a practical training for Christians in these professions. (in the past we have worked a lot indirectly through church pastors, but this time there were so many lawyers, even justices that came).

So this photo sums up the partnerships with the Secretary General (front and center), with Campus Crusade National Director (back row left), FLAG,  YWAM Cameroon leaders, the Director of the Cameroon Bible Society (next to Jackson) which can definitely be called BREAKTHROUGH PART 2!

We want to thank all those who came and served in Cameroon during these weeks.

David Hamilton and Paul Dangtoumda who were guest speakers the first conferences,
the FLAG delegation by Bob and Gaye, who were guest speakers the second conference,
Jackson’s team members: Anna Brokenshire who did an amazing job at organizing the conferences, Lisi Fredericksen (front left- also a Dutchie) who coordinated so many logistics,
Sean Lee- who was with us in Cameroon in April and came again in November to staff these FLAG conferences,
YWAM Cameroon leaders and staff who opened up so many doors,
As well as all the Cameroonians from the Body of Christ who gave their time, energy and resources to support all these events.

And a big thank you to you as you partnered with your prayers and finances.

We acknowledge that without the participation of each and everyone of these teams this would not have been possible and we are in anticipation more and more of what God will do in the coming year 2017. We will keep you updated.


Jackson & Anneke, Hope, REJoyce and  Kyndness

Picture 1- Key Leaders including the Secretary General of CEPCA

Picture 2- Secretary General of CEPCA extending the right hand of fellowship

Picture 3- FLAG (Faith and Law Across the Globe) conference in Douala