A man’s heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps…

Yes Jackson is on his way, but a day later than anticipated. Nevertheless the reason was SO worth it….

First of all we saw some of the money come in that was enough for us to go ahead and purchase the ticket, but when we tried to book for Saturday it just wasn’t working. When we hit purchase, the price had gone up. Then tried another computer, same thing, called the airline same thing. We realized he had to stay one more day. We tried to purchase for Sunday and it booked without any problem.

It was nice to spend Saturday evening together. During this time Jackson was reminded of a friend whose sister was visiting and had talked and prayed with Jackson. She had asked to be baptized by Jackson before she left. So now that he was still here he asked if Sunday would work for her. So after church we all went to the pier and she got baptized there by Jackson.

As the children and I were watching the Holy Spirit really touched Hope and she began to weep and cry out that she too wanted to be baptized.

She had asked this some years before but we weren’t sure of her understanding of it so had sort of been monitoring it. Now it was obvious she really knew what she was talking about. So was REJoyce. At first Hope was a little intimidated by the waves and the crowd, REJoyce wanted to go first. An immense smile was written across her face as she came out of the water. Then Hope went and the relief and joy was so measurable. It’s almost impossible to describe the joy I feel of seeing our daughters make this decision at such an early age. At bedtime I asked REJoyce again- do you know what happened in the baptism? She said yes- Jesus raised me up. WOW.

Thank you God! You are so faithful!!